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Osuji Pound Alone - Hot, Smooth, Elastic, Pounded yam

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About Us

We are a home appliance manufacturing company determined to bring ease, automation and pleasure into the African kitchen and meal preparation. With our latest model of the family size pounded yam machine, that pounds not only yam but inclusive of ripe/unripe plaintain, cocoyam, garri, cassava (fufu) and a combination
of any of the forgoing etc, you no more need the wooden morter and pestle. You simply boil your yam (food) and transfer it to your Osuji pounded yam machine and in less than one minute you have Hot, Smooth and Elastic pounded yam for you and your family.Having REAL pounded yam has never been this easy! CALL now to place your order +2348034791815.  08026658793, 052292404,


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Contact us any time, our customer service representatives are available to take your calls on enquires or orders by mail or phone.


Today's lady and her modern kitchen are not complete without the MAGIC of the Osuji pounded yam machine.

 Also introducing The New Osuji fufu maker, an appliance that revolutionizes the way we make our most preferred African delicacies; semo, starch, amala, poundo flour, wheat, pounded yam from fresh tubers, pounded boiled unripe plantain, etc.

Consider all worries about how your Amala, wheat, starch, semo, banku, even poundo yam flour would turn out when made by the tedious traditional ways over, because you no more have to do any work to get your family to enjoy the best made meals now with your Osuji all fufu maker.

Your Osuji all fufu maker also boils and pounds your fresh tubers giving you excellent pounded yam, fufu, cassava, plantain, cocoyams etc.

Osuji pound Alone 29,500 Naira

Osuji All Fufu Maker 53,500 Naira

Your Osuji pounded yam machine comes with a comprehensive, easy to understand users manual to ensure you get the best result with each use. Own an Osuji pounded yam machine today and understand why the Osuji pounded yam machine is an appliance of choice and trusted by thousands of African users around the world. To own yours simply text or email your location, name and address to +2348034791815, and our delivery staff would bring your Osuji pounded yam machine to your doorstep, ps note we offer PAYMENT ON DELIVERY. Click on the price icon above to get the lattest price.
             The best pounded yam you will ever have or serve, GUARANTEED.

Did you know that in our proud African culture the ability for a wife to consistently provide excellent meals for her man and family is regarded high above every other need in the mans heart.

Enjoy the Ability to create all meals with your new Osuji all fufu maker, even if you have had a very busy day.